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 I spent years using the conventional medical route trying to overcome allergies and other illnesses, and found that it made matters worse in the long run. The allergy shots deteriorated my already weak immune system and I became allergic to everything (a universal reactor) and I had to live in a sterile, isolated environment, rotating my foods and being exquisitely careful about food, clothing, plastics, furniture, home, car - in short - everything. It was terrible, but completely necessary to even breathe and function.


During that time, my body began to develop cancer. I was so allergic that I could no longer go places, let alone to a doctor’s office or a hospital. There is no question that I would have died under anesthesia or any conventional treatment.


So, I transferred my credits from Oakland University to Donsbach University, where I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition by extension while on my deathbed. While studying, I put concepts into practice in my own life. None of the alternative modalities worked alone, so over time, I put pieces of each one together until I developed a full-spectrum regimen.


The counseling modality is modified for individual needs. Many Health Care Practitioners use targeted, pre-formulated or multi-level products but, generally, I do not. I provide Professional-Only, Pharmaceutical Grade Products that can be dispensed only through a Degreed Health Professional and are not available in health food stores.


One very dynamic breakthrough is in the area of frozen glandular products that contain not only the hormones of the animal’s gland but, also, living cells that rejuvenate the glands of the individual who takes them. There is a lot of talk about stem cell research, but the stem cells of humans are antagonistic in the bodies of other humans. Humans are programmed to reject cells or tissues of other human beings, thus the need for immune suppressors for transplants. The human body is not programmed to reject animal cells, therefore, it makes sense to use the stem cells of animals for human restoration.


There are many options for healing that many people may know little or nothing about. Each person’s healing modality is different, depending upon the need. One person may respond to Homeopathic Medicine; another may need Detoxification or some other option. The healing process is often unfolded with each visit. Each interaction may provide teaching, nurture and guidance. Prayer is also available if desired.





Because the body heals progressively from healthier to unhealthier areas, nutritional supplement needs will continually change. When the supplement balance changes, the body will produce symptoms of discomfort. It is then necessary to re-balance the supplements or the body could receive deleterious effects. If the person ignores these signals, he/she is likely to become discouraged and discontinue the healing process. The physical/emotional discomfort is the signal to make an appointment to re-balance the supplements and/or receive prayer ministry.




Since healing involves the entire person, it is imperative that the spirit of the person is met, nurtured and prayed for. The spirit is the person’s essence. The soul (including mind & will) is the “clothing” with which we “dress” our spirit. When the spirit and soul are out of harmony, signals are sent via physical illness, emotional discomfort, relational, or financial problems. These signals are God’s way of getting our attention. Counseling, alone, however, cannot break their power.


A counselor needs to be able to discern what these signals represent and how and when to apply the power that sets a person free. This counseling is:


  1. Prayer-based, always drawing nigh to God, that He is the Revealer, the Healer and the Receiver of Glory.

  2. Directed through the discernment given by the Holy Spirit to reveal the wounds of the counselee’s spirit and the “garments” we have put on rather than God’s Armor.

  3. Utilizes the tools in Scripture given by Jesus Christ: His Cross; His Blood; His Kingdom Authority; and His Resurrection Life.


My experience has shown that those who receive prayer ministry simultaneously with other forms of natural health counseling are the ones who achieve physical healing and also healing in relationships, finances and significant areas of their lives.


...I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”

John 10:10


CREDENTIALS of Jill MacDougall, PhD


Bachelor of Science, Nutrition, Donsbach University, Huntington Beach, CA

Advanced Training Institute of America, Principles of Counseling, Oakbrook, IL

Medical Training Institute of America, Basic Life Principles, Oakbrook, IL

Certified Prayer Minister, Elijah House Ministries, ID

Certified in Electro Dermal Analysis, Star Tech Health, UT

Diploma in Homeopathy, Institute of Natural Health Sciences, Livonia, MI

Diploma in BioEnergetics, Institute of Natural Health Sciences, Livonia, MI

Doctorate in Philosophy, Natural Wellness & Immunology, Kingdom College of Natural Health


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